Dam Native

by tracey_tawhiao on October 15, 2010



HYPE THE NATIVE aka Pounamu Eagle

BLACK MAN aka Big God


I’m like the sun/only to know how to shine bright so how come dark can’t exist in the light it begun I can see clearly in the night/number /when my thumb is on a handheld mic float like a butterfly sting like a bee I’m dope like Tutanekai crossed with Mohammad Ali. There is hope for you guys if you just follow me otherwise let Hype do his thing the maunga whau mauler you bet cuz and everyone who knows my daughter knows thats my best buzz. Feel me nothing is man made and in disscussion fuck’em my tounge may spit hand grenades, fuk horee I put whole army in the hangi just as well hell the whole whanau was starving, alrming, or is hype talking silly, realise this whole land is mine not just Auckalnd city.


Tiiiiii Haaaaaa I’m like Te Rauparaha especially when I’m out to get that putea the Majestic like Whina Cooper you wanna battle au au aue haaa!!!

For starters/I’m like what Apirana Ngata is the Majestic/ native is what started this/the Horified hip hop is what I’m talking about kid


Au aue haaa te ahi kaa im like Titokowaru defending gate pa im like a 2010 rua kennana im like te arawas tama te kapua.
From the mountain tops to these deep dark streets this is Maori land fuck it man I’ve still got beef/when our
Tupuna fought for us and blood poured red with the bayonet musket gun shot to the head.MC more controversy/magnificent concepts/mystic ceremonies/Maori context
MC more capers/majestic creators/musical cyanide/ microphone chambers
MC more creativity/mutilated capillaries/meteor crashes/mangling communities
MC mad cunt/ mauls chumps MC mother fucking Maori cuuz.
A multi ka pai MC who flows like rip tides brandishing mics like a brand new flick knife/what it look like another hori in more strife same story but I’m that hori even in the after life.


I train in altitude on beats like an athlete/I slip through the system like a dip through back streets/ magnetize forces with the strength of a thousand horses/mesmerized by a lavish array of good sources/ I ask for help from the higher forces and they granted it/ they gave me Rukuwai’s seed so I planted it


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