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George Nuku

by tracey_tawhiao on March 15, 2011 clickhere GEORGE NUKU archive George Nuku Resume Resume 2012 George Nuku is a highly regarded Maori Artist working in stone, bone, wood, shell and polystyrene.  His works range from delicate jade and pearl amulets, stone sculptures of life size (…)

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Tracey Tawhiao’s paintings not for sale.

by tracey_tawhiao on March 14, 2011

This one is not for sale because I did it for my grandfather. XXTT This ones not for sale because it’s been sold to a friend who lives in spain. This one could still be for sale but you will (…)

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by tracey_tawhiao on November 13, 2010

clickhere BIC RUNGA


by tracey_tawhiao on October 16, 2010

click here Charlotte Grahams  BIRD woodcuts Thanks To Rakai for his mean smoothies and his invaluable help.  We Love you Rakai. click here RAKAI design

EMMA PAKI lyrics

by tracey_tawhiao on October 15, 2010

  CENTURY SKY You make the spirit cry Oh when you only see a century sky Already all the bloody stench in the sky Can only go onto a century sky Why do you wana get on into feeling fine (…)

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by tracey_tawhiao on October 14, 2010

SHONA TAWHIAO @FASHIONWEEK2010 H.O.T. loves Shona Tawhiao.  Check out her face book page WWW.TAWHIAO .COM

The Salon

by tracey_tawhiao on October 12, 2010

The Salon is an Artists meeting place for showing art in the form of anything you like with multi talented artists, usually Maori Artists but not exclusively.  This includes music, painting, poetry, sculpture, installation, video and projection and anything else (…)

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Album Release 18 October 2010

by tracey_tawhiao on October 12, 2010


House of Taonga circa 2004

by tracey_tawhiao on October 10, 2010

House of Taonga V.1.04