Tracey Tawhiao and George Nuku Joint Residency Oct24 – Dec 1 2012



june – september 2012

artworks by tracey tawhiao & george nuku

TE AO:  The Light

An Art Installation by Tracey Tawhiao & George Nuku.

Chapelle du Calvaire Paris 20th June 2012

This Art installation in Chapelle du Calvaire, rue Saint Roch by Tracey Tawhiao and George Nuku is a tribute to Love, Light and Spirit.

The carvings by George Nuku are an embodiment of the Essential elements of Life.

The title of the Cube Chandelier suspended in the Chapelle is Te Ao Tapu or the Sacred Light.  This Sacred Light is a light that permeates all human beings and all of Nature.

The Paintings are the embodiment of Love through the Spirit. Tracey Tawhiao works with natural, flowing and connected lines that represent a beautiful and divine presence in all the unseen Good in the World.

George Nuku has designed and carved a series of artworks that originate from ancient and which have been placed in relationship to this Chapel.  The presence of Jesus on the cross and the stone grotto with his Mother and the Disciples overlook us.  We want to look our best for them. We feel very honoured to dwell well within a place that exists in the name of Love with these people.

The Perspex Entrance symbolizes the entry to Life through the womb of Jesus a Man of Divine Light and because of this it is also the entrance to Heaven.

The Carved Cube:  Represents Gods will within us. The centrepiece of Life within us.

The Chandelier in paint on clear surfaces surrounding the Cube are the sacred tears, the waters of life.  They reflect the light and symbolize the spirit.

The Gold People: Represent People joined with God in the Light.

The Red:  Represent the blood of Life.

The Painted Patterned Posts represent the sustenance of the Garden of Life and the Earth itself.

The Black stones are painted with the symbols of light and represent the Sacred Eternity.


november-december 2011

The Moaroom, Rue de Malte, Paris.  Tracey Tawhiao and George Nuku 8 Nov 2011.

Musee du Quay Branly, Paris.  Tracey and George Install of the Eiffel Tower.


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